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Development of Resettlement Action Plan

Tbilisi Railway Bypass Project
Social Assessment of Affected Population and Resettlement Action Plan Preparation 

Client: Ltd "Horizont"
Year: 2009-2010 

ResettlementTbilisi Bypass Railway Project is developed by the initiative of state railway company "Georgian Railway" and with financial support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The Project foresees dislocation of the railway section: Didube - Central Station - Navtlugi to the north of the city. Projected bypass railway line crosses the residential area and requires Resettlement Action Plan development and implementation. GeoGraphic conducted overall survey to process Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plans for the affected territory.   

Cadastral survey of land parcels/real estate located in the buffer and owners' identification and mapping have been conducted. 

Along with the consultations with the affected population, inventory of affected property was conducted. Inventory data on socio-economic conditions and sex-age composition of the families, forms of ownership, types of economic activities, function, condition, construction materials, interior of each building have been integrated into the entire geodatabases. 

The Resettlement Action Plan was developed after processing and analysis of field inventory data and consultations with the affected population and experts.