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During the short period of its operation in Georgia GeoGraphic has acquired extensive skills in collecting, processing and analyzing spatial data of huge amount transforming it into essentially new information.

Expertise gained over the years of the activities carried out by GeoGraphic is oriented at:

Spatial Information Collection and Processing
Integrated Aerial Photograph and Satellite Image Processing
Topogeodetic and Cadastral Works
Photogrammetry and Orthophoto Production
ESRI Software Distribution, Training and Certification
Customized Software Development
Sectoral Geoinformation Systems Development
High-End Cartographic Production
Environmental Survey and Analysis
Geomonitoring Surveys
Information Technologies Development

Products developed and distributed by GeoGraphic include:

Georeferenced Raster Topographic Maps
Vector Databases
Administrative and Demographic Databases of Sakrebulos, Villages, Big Cities and Regional Centers of Georgia
Vector Thematic Maps

GeoGraphic with its head office in Tbilisi, Georgia provides nation-wide consulting services including:

Identification of spatial analysis opportunities;
Software selection;
Pilot and general projects specifications selection;
Sectoral and corporate systems establishment;
Special consultations in ESRI software, geoinformation systems and remote sensing.

GeoGraphic activities are based on quality management system in compliance with the International Standards, ISO 9000, 9001 and 19011 quality control system.